Wirecut & EDM


Torks has a very strong technical heritage in all types of Erosion with over 20 years experience. We have amassed EDM experience in many fields, some of which are:

  • Medical device components – many parts need all or some EDM work
  • Technical and precision parts
  • Toolmaking,
  • Punches and dies, from simple single stage and compound tools through to complex multi stage tools and fine blanking dental product tools.
  • Extrusion tooling
  • We have vast experience in all cable manufacture tooling as well as profiles, pipe, and even mesh extrusion.
  • Prototype extrusions
  • Stellite Brass and Bronze extrusion dies
  • We have experience in eroding nearly every type of metal, even graphite and PCD.

Our equipment consists of

  • 6 Fanuc Wire cut machines, the largest capable of cutting 300 thick.
  • Small hole EDM drill
  • 2 CNC EDMs, one is a very sophisticated Sodick CNC EDM - it has true helical spark function with C axis and Pika mirror spark function capable of finishing very close to a mirror.